Scratch Coding Hackathon

Scratch Coding Hackathon : 29 March : 10:00 to 16:00

SESSION BOOKING REQUIRED : Click here Age : 8 plus. Adults need not stay for the day unless they wish to. Please note : if the bookings are all taken, please email us on and we will put you on the reserve list.

The aim of this day is to create an awesome software product using Scratch.  You will work in small teams, and we will organize the work using a so-called “agile” approach (everything will be explained on the day).  You will be given jobs to do – yes, proper jobs – and we will work together to create the product. Less experienced people will be paired with more experienced people, so everyone is welcome.

You need to be prepared to work hard, enjoy yourself, participate actively, and be ready to learn lots, be entertained and to have fun!  Can you meet the March Madness Hackathon Challenge? We know you can – just say Yes!

In order to be successful, we need participants with a range of different abilities.  We need young people who can:

  • Program in Scratch (the Programmers)
  • Help us to design the product and how it should look and work  (the Product Designers and User Interface Designers)
  • Create digital artwork, backgrounds, and graphics (the Graphical Artists and Designers)
  • Help us to test the program as it is developed (the Product Testers)
  • Prepare materials to help us describe, market and sell our amazing product (the Product Marketers)

We do need you to come for the whole day (10 am to 4 pm), and refreshments and lunch will be provided. You can use bring your own laptop or use our equipment. We will supply also graphic design tablets or paper for those who are doing the graphic design.

Coached by :

  • From our Everything Electronics Youth Club : David Harper : a retired Professor of Computer Science and Gary Polhill , a Data Research Scientist from the James Hutton Institute.
  • From Robert Gordon University : Dr. Ian Harris an expert in cybersecurity