Family Festivals

Towie Hall : Saturday 7th. March
MacRobert Hall, Tarland : Sunday 8th March

This year we shall be taking our popular Festival to two locations. This will allow our good friends on Donside to have access to a Festival as well as those who come to our Tarland base. The highlights are :

MadLabs are back – with their popular soldering activities. Come and make a project with James and Meg. Sessions will start every hour on the hour with a briefing and you will be asked to wait until the next session if late to the briefing. The individual’s session ends when the child has finished. Please note, the 12 o’clock session is reserved for the Torphins Scout group.
The first activity chosen is free. Subsequent activities will depend on whether or not we have space and the activity board will need to be paid for on the day (typically £10 and under). We are likely to be busiest at Tarland, so remember you can also go to Towie Hall on Saturday.

Torphins Scouts: We are delighted to welcome Torphins Scouts to us at Tarland on Sunday 8th. They will be coming through as a group and we shall be reserving the Electric Circuits session for them at 10 and the MadLabs session at 12 for them.

Electric Circuits : Our wonderful electric circuit boards will be there and you can learn about electrical and electronic components and how they work. See if you can do one of the two challenges we shall be setting the Scouts.

Science Lab : A much enjoyed section last year returns with a range of science activities for you to don a lab coat for. Come and try the “soggy island” and “desert” experiments which show you why Australia’s bush fires are getting worse, and how our weather might change; examine the very small under our microscopes; and see if you can make a cloud produce rain. Rumour has it that maybe some detective work may be taking place as well………

Bob Rocks : Bob Menage is back with rocks of many types for you to examine and understand how they were formed; some rocks are beautiful, some are interesting, all all are fascinating .

Stop Motion fun : Our range of stikbots and colourful playdough will be doing its stuff to allow you to make stop motion films. Bring a parent, bring a phone downloaded with the Zing Stikbot app. (or use our cameras) and make your own zany stop motion video.

All children must be accompanied by an adult and must use any required safety equipment.

Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Aboyne and Upper Deeside and the Jennie S. Gordon Memorial Foundation for sponsoring our Festival.