Renewables in action


We are sorry to announce that we are postponing this event due to the coronavirus outbreak. We shall be holding it once this is possible, and currently we are targeting the autumn. In the meantime, if we can give you any help by phone, please contact us on

OPEN HOUSES : Sunday 15th March, 13:00 to 17:00

Concerned about climate change? Wondering what you can do? The action that will have the biggest impact is to reduce your use of fossil fuels, so :

  • Can you improve your house insulation?
  • Can you replace your car with an electric car which has a similar range?
  • Can you replace your oil boiler with something with low carbon emissions?

The answer to all of the above is “yes” – the technology is improving in leaps and bounds, so come and talk to those who have already installed it and are using it. They will tell you the pros and cons, the costs and their real experience of these technologies.

  • For air (to water) heat source pump and advice on Government loans and the renewable heat incentive see Woodside of Melgum
  • For extensive experience in tackling insulating existing granite buildings, a deep bore heat source pump and solar photovoltaic see Longford
  • For new build technologies to Passivhaus standards, solar PV, solar thermal, biomass boiler, electric cars, Tesla powerwall and smart management of renewable energy see Reekitlane
  • For air to air heat pumps, hybrid electric car, and experience of installing heat pumps into a village hall, see Lianag.