Frank Patterson’s energy efficient extension, takes advantage of solar gain and was added to a traditional cottage insulated and retrofitted with a deep bore heat pump and 4kw photo voltaic  panel array. 

Frank has previous experience in insulating granite properties employing sheep wool, tri-iso foil and spacetherm plus heat recovery insulation.

  • Directions :
  • Driving towards Tarland from Aberdeen on the B9119 road : on entry to the village turn right immediately after the 30 mile speed sign. Follow the road past Douneside, keep going until there is a line of houses at Ranna Farm.
  • The road winds through a right angle left, passes a cottage on the right, makes right and left right angled bends, goes down a steep hill to a converted barn and adjacent cottage then winds another 150 metres to a T junction. Turn right and go up the hill.
  • At the top of the hill go past Longfold Steading. Turn the corner and go downhill 30 yards and Longfold is on the left.