Reekitlane is an award winning four bedroom family house built to Passivhaus standards. Owners Lesley and Dave Ellis were self-builders and as a result, intimately involved in the build management process. They founded Cromar Future Group which hosts this Festival.

The house itself is made from SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) and features treble glazing and an innovative approach to storing energy in the floor which uses the solar gain available across a wide arc of the sky.

The technologies include : a heat recovery unit; solar thermal panels to heat the water; a biomass boiler for winter heating; solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity; Hyundai Kona electric car and a Mitsubushi Outlander PHEV; a Zappi smart EV charging unit and a standard ChargeMaster EV charger; plus two Tesla Powerwall batteries controlled by an AI to allow the storage and optimal management of the renewable energy generated.

The postcode for Reekitlane : AB34 4TR

From Tarland Square, take the road opposite the Aberdeen Arms signpost to Coull. At the end of the road turn right. You will see the old schoolhouse on your left, and a new house and some cottages. Turn left between the cottages before the bend, opposite the mirror. Come up the track turning right at the bottom and then left at the top of the hill.